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Page history last edited by Dave of PCP 11 years, 6 months ago

Amber: The Snarky One


Name Amber
Age This is important how? My birthday is the 10th of May though...
Religion Kemetic Theurgist and learning about Native American paths
Occupation Museum attendant at Frisco Native American Museum and part time Center of the Universe


How did you get started?

A long long time ago...in a galaxy far far away...I was kicked down here and told to keep out of sight and try to behave. But seriously...I always seemed to ask too many questions for the liking of my Catholic CCD teachers and in 9th grade, a friend of mine introduced me to my first pagan books. Even though they were Wiccan, they were the closest thing I've ever come across at that time and it's what started the active interest in the path I was to take. After that I researched Greek, a bit of Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, bits of Asian cultures, Wiccan (out of morbid amusement), and my most recent research has delved into the Native American cultures. Some people say that they've found their religion...I can't say that. My religion/path/whatever you want to call it...found me and held on like a pit bull. All that research just helped put words to what I already knew.


How'd you meet up with this crew?

I hate to admit it, but it was all because of the infamous Barrett. He accosted me while I was working and forced me to come to the pagan group on Clarion campus. At the time, Dave was leading the whole thing. I can still remember perching on the armchair and being looked up at and being told it looks like I have some interesting stories. Everything went downhill from there...in so many more aspects than just the ease of the whole thing but I loved every minute of it. Well...nearly every minute of it.


Are you happy with PCP and where it's gotten?

I started PCP because so many things were pissing me off about the pagan community I knew and it seemed like the people who had a clue got lost in the shuffle. I'm not saying that we have all the answers, but it's nice to be able to voice what you have to say and not get lost amongst the masses for once. I never expected PCP to ever go beyond that office at the Clarion campus let alone get recognized enough to be mentioned in a well known magazine. I think we bring together a wide range of views into one holy mess of ideas and do a good job and discussing them. So yeah...I'm happy with PCP and happy that I get to be a part of the continuing progress.

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